The Foundation is a broadly-based, cultural organization whose role is to complement existing organizations and institutions that share a concern for Polish language, history or culture. The Foundation assists these organizations to meet their shared objectives with the provision of funding when appropriate, necessary and feasible.

The broad Polish Community, that the Foundation wishes to serve, comprises all residents of Canada having some Polish background - regardless of when they or their family first arrived in Canada, their political or religious beliefs, or even their fluency in the Polish language - but who share an interest in, or cherish an attachment to the language, history or culture of their forefathers.

The Foundation believes that there is a certain creative synergy generated in being both Polish and Canadian, and that all Canadians could benefit from and enjoy the Polish presence in Canada.

The Foundation has a special role in assuring that Polish language instruction, as well as the teaching of Polish history and culture, are funded and made available, especially for children regardless of their ethnic/linguistic background.

The Foundation is to open lines of communication with those Canadian organizations and institutions whose purpose or function could assist the Polish Community in the maintenance and promotion of its language and culture. For the same reason, the Foundation is to maintain contact with other Polish centres both in Canada and abroad.

Men and women of all backgrounds are welcome to belong to the Foundation, which is to function through the involvement of volunteers committed to having it operate in a professional, business-like and transparent fashion, having clear, precise and reasonable goals, that are achieved in a planned and methodical fashion.

May 17, 1994


The Foundation was established as a tool for maintaining and promoting knowledge about the Polish language, history and culture among Canadian citizens who are aware of their Polish heritage. The Foundation wants to participate in creating a consciousness and cultivating a rich Polish community that feels confident and ready to make a creative contribution to the development of the Canadian community. 

The Foundation aims to help Canadians of Polish origin in their positive participation in life within the Canadian community by promoting and enriching knowledge about the language, culture and history of Poland, both among members of the Polish group and the broad Canadian population. 

By promoting the best Polish traditions and experiences, the Foundation aims to contribute to the development of a bilingual, multicultural Canadian community. 

The Foundation's activities include: