Cezary Słaby 

Dr. Cezary (Paul) Slaby is an experienced technology manager and a specialist in CEO matters. He founded and managed several successful hightech companies, including ATMOS Corp, MicroSemiX, VoIPshield Systems, and Kaben Wireless Silicon. Dr. Słaby skillfully managed the established companies, developing them through VC funds and excellent recognition of market development. Thanks to this, his companies have a strong and established position. Dr. Słaby is known for his ability to create strategies for companies, employing the right staff, creating pioneering business models, increasing company revenues, managing finances, and skilful control of the situation in new market realities. Before starting his career, he held various engineering and managerial positions at Bell Northern Research, Nortel Networks and Carleton University. He sat on the Board of Directors of several companies and acted as a resident employee at the National Research Council and as an advisor at Carleton University Foundry. He has many years of academic and pedagogical experience. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and conference presentations. His popular blog "The Art of Growing High-Tech Ventures" has already won many awards and prizes. In the Polish community of Ottawa, he was the founder of the Polish Heritage Foundation in 1994 and first President for a period of five years. 

Dr. Andrzej Golebiowski is a physicist and IT specialist. He moved to Canada in 1982 and lived in different cities until finally making his home in Ottawa in the 1990s. He joined the Parental Advisory Council of the Wiktor Podoski Polish School in Ottawa and in 1993 became an active member of the committee that oversaw the creation of the Polish Heritage Foundation of Canada. From 1998 to 2010, he became President of the PHF and to his credit initiated numerous fundraising initiatives, eg. Affinity MasterCard, numerous film showcases, etc. After the passing of Dr. Jerzy Jarmasz, in 2002, the Polish Heritage Foundation, on a motion presented by Andrzej, established the Dr. Jerzy Jarmasz Memorial Scholarship. Andrzej currently lives in Calgary.

Andrzej Gołębiowski 

Stanisław Kielar

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